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Katrina Galea is a Maltese ceramicist and architectural designer interested in the intersection of 'natural' landscapes, materiality, culture, representation, and systemic processes. Being constantly curious has led her to break away from traditional ways of practice, and after graduating from her undergraduate degree at the University of Malta, this allowed her to embrace a wide range of experiences - from working in local architectural practice, to traveling solo in New Zealand for a year, to moving to London to pursue her creative endeavours. She has always been interested in ways we interact with ground and the meaning that can emerge out of these practices. She has recently completed her MA Architecture (Digital Media) programme at the University of Westminster, during which she focused her research on landscapes of extraction, investigating pathways and speculating possible futures for dust, a by-product of Maltese limestone extraction, through a wide range of digital media practices.

She is currently working as an architectural designer with a small architecture and interior design studio in London, Studio Space A, while also making small-batch productions of wheel-thrown ceramics at a shared studio space in East London. Her love for hosting and her endless drive to create functional objects, in all scales and forms, led her to start making ceramics to be used in daily slow rituals which she values deeply amidst her busy, full life.

Sharp, tapering edges are what define her current body of work. Forms are minimal and simple, yet always pure in function. All pieces are composed of stoneware clay, with them being either glazed in a satin cream glaze, or unglazed to fully express the tactility of the material. 

Kat has been mainly working through commission-based pieces, however some of her work can be found at Search and Rescue in Stoke Newington, and at seasonal markets around London.
An online shop is currently in the works, but should you be interested in any particular work, please contact Kat here.